The delegation of the Urbanica Institute of Spatial Planning – the General Director Anton Finogenov, the Deputy General Director Alexander Holodnov and the Head of the Department of Economic Analysis and Research Yevgenia Arefieva – will take part in the 2nd International University Cities Forum “Leveraging University Vitality for Urban and Regional Development”.

Anton Finogenov, General Director of Urbanica, is a professor at the International Academy of Architecture (IAA), its Moscow branch (MAAM). He is also a member of the federal commission of the All-Russian competition “Best municipal practice”, which is chaired by D.N. Kozak, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, expert groups under the Ministry of Economic Development on the socio-economic development of urban agglomerations and under the Ministry of Construction within the strategic development of the Russian Federation “Housing and Urban Environment”. Anton Finogenov has 14 years of experience in territorial planning, working with socio-economic and urban agenda of the development of cities and regions as well as with various projects for integrated territorial development. He is actively engaged in public activities in the field of popularization of urban projects, integrated urban development, sustainable spatial planning. He has initiated numerous non-commercial projects for the development of urban areas and cities ranking, development projects in Russia (urban foresight, Russian cities ranking, ranking of the residential environment quality of St. Petersburg).

Alexander Holodnov, Deputy General Director and Chief Urbanist of the company, has been managing projects since 2008. He is an acting expert in town planning documentation preparation (territorial planning schemes of the regions, general plans of municipal entities, land-use planning projects), projects in the sphere of strategic consulting (complex development of urban agglomerations and single-industry cities) and investment consulting (comprehensive development of specific urban areas). Alexander Holodnov has teaching experience at the Institute of Design and Urban Studies of the ITMO University. The sphere of professional interests includes sustainable development of industrial cities and corporate social responsibility, methods of quantitative data analysis in urban planning, assessment of urban environment quality.

Eugenia Arefyeva, Head of the Department of Economic Analysis and Research, is a consultant in the field of social and economic development of cities and regions as well as urban environment formation. She has experience of research and analytical work with programs and strategies for social and economic development of cities and regions, coordination of projects of strategic development, research with international partners, conducting sociological research.

Reference information: Urbanica company was established in 2009. To date, about 200 projects of different types have been executed by young professionals – urbanists, urban engineers and specialists in the field of urban economy. By state order Urbanica develops territorial planning documents (general plans, territorial planning schemes, land use and building regulations). For private contractors Urbanica designs development projects concepts, master plans of cities and land plots, draft design plans.

In 2015, the company became the developer of the Concept for socio-economic and spatial-territorial development of the agglomeration Tomsk-Seversk-Tomsk municipal region. Among the research topics of Urbanica are urban agglomerations, university campus (in relation to the city and its residents), the university as a research center and its requirements to the city and human capital, design of new technocampuses, the concept of spatial development, public spaces development, development of single-industry towns.