VI Международный форум университетских городов

The Sixth College Town Forum “Campus and City: Focuses of Interactions” (December 01-03, 2021) is devoted to research and discussion of the best Russian and foreign testing practices of the “green” and the “smart” university concept on Campus; practices of communications with the urban communities through the Campus; the role of the university in creation favorable conditions for educational, academic and cultural exchange on the Campus. The Russian Government has expressed objective of building a modern campus network. One of them will be constructed in Tomsk within “The Big University” project. The participants of this project are Tomsk region leading universities and academic institutes. The Sixth College Town Forum has practical and social relevance because the university campus is a platform for demonstration and testing of new technologies developed by universities and research institutes, a place for open social (including cross-cultural) interactions with urban communities. However, implementation of that objectives and creation of enabling environment for education and research activities on campus requires extensive training and preliminary studies for finding solutions satisfactory to students, academic community and citizens.

The following Forum program will be discussed:

– Architectural and urban planning characteristics in designing and implementing the tasks of building the university campus; approaches for creation comfortable environment of campus for solving strategic goals of both university and city;

– Prospects and challenges for campus as test site for new technologies developed by university and academic organizations; issues of implementation of ecological and innovative projects (such as “green campus”, “smart campus” and others) for sustainable development of the territory;

– Concepts and instruments for creation of favorable conditions on campus for the purpose of attraction of human capital; practices of attraction and preservation of human capital within the campus;

– Social interactions between urban communities and campus; mechanisms of cross-cultural communication harmonization; prevention of conflicts within university campus.

36 Lenin Ave., Tomsk, Russia 634050