The city of Tomsk is the capital of Tomsk oblast, which is located in southern part of Western Siberia (Russia), geographically it is the very center of the country.

There is an international airport, a railway station, a bus terminal and a river boat station providing transportation to all regions of the Russian Federation.

By plane

Major international airlines have regular flights to different Moscow airports (Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo or Vnukovo airports). It normally takes approximately four hours to reach Tomsk by plane from Moscow. Tomsk Bogashevo airport is located 20 km from the city center. Taxi services are available in front of the terminals.

Novosibirsk Tolmachevo airport is the closest to Tomsk bigger international airport with regular connections to Europe and Asia. From Novosibirsk, it will take approximately 4 hours by car or bus to get to Tomsk bus terminal.

By train

Taking the Trans-Siberian Railroad can be an interesting experience, but it will take you two and a half days to get to Tomsk from the Russian capital. There are direct trains from Moscow which depart on odd days (1,3,5….). Trains for Tomsk depart from Moscow, Yaroslavsky Railway station late in the evening and arrive in Tomsk within 56 hours. Please be advised that Russian Railway uses Moscow time in time tables all over Russia. There are several trains from Moscow to other Siberian and Far Eastern cities which go through Taiga station or Novosibirsk main station. From those stations you get to Tomsk either by local trains or buses.

Detailed information about Russian railway service and time-tables are available at the website of Russian Railways.

Public transportation

Tomsk offers various means of public transport: trolley buses, trams, and buses. There are also many taxi companies.


The most convenient way of transportation in Tomsk is taxi. The fare in city is 70 to 200 rubles, and 450 rubles to the airport. There are several taxi companies providing services in Tomsk such as Yandex, Gett, Maxim and others.

Money, Banks, ATM

Tomsk hosts branches of all major Russian banks and some international banks. There are ATM machines offering services to the standard range of plastic cards: Visa, Visa Classic, Visa Electron, Visa Gold etc. Currency exchange is available in all banks of Tomsk as well as in numerous ATM machines.

36 Lenin Ave., Tomsk, Russia 634050